Popular cereals now come in oatmeal form

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Cereal fans will soon have a new way to enjoy their favorite flavors. Hitting stores next month, Big G Instant Oatmeal will come in four General Mills cereal flavors: Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix and Cocoa Puffs.

The instant oatmeals are not only flavored like their respective cereal, but also include a topping to sprinkle on once it’s cooked. The Lucky Charms vanilla-flavored oatmeal includes Lucky Charms marshmallows. The Cinnamon Toast Crunch cinnamon oatmeal comes with cinnadust topping. Trix fruit-flavored oatmeal comes with “colorful crunchy” topping. And the Cocoa Puffs chocolate-flavored oatmeal has a chocolate-flavored crunchy topping.

The oatmeals have between 140-160 calories per serving and 12 grams of sugar. Priced at $2.48 for a box of six, the oatmeals will be for sale exclusively at Walmart beginning in June but will then expand to other stores permanently.

General Mills

The new oatmeals are just one of a handful of new breakfast items from General Mills, which is also releasing five new cereals, including another new version of Lucky Charms.

New Lucky Charms Marshmallow Clusters cereal adds even more marshmallow flavor along with the iconic charms already included in the cereal. The cereal is made of corn and rice crispy clusters that are sweetened with marshmallow flavoring. It will be a permanent addition to General Mills’ cereal lineup beginning in mid-May. You’ll be able to find a family-size box for $4.99 or a mid-size box for $3.99.

General Mills

Two new cereals for kids — and kids at heart — include Jojo Siwa Strawberry Bop cereal and Space Jam: A New Legacy. While the JoJo Siwa cereal celebrates the entertainer with JoJo-themed marshmallows, the Space Jam cereal celebrates the launch of the new film.

The limited-edition Space Jam: A New Legacy cereal combines berry-flavored cereal with bunny and basketball marshmallows. It will be available for a limited time beginning on May 31 in a family-size box for $3.99 or mid-size box for $2.50. The movie “Space Jam: A New Legacy” hits theaters and HBO Max on July 16.

General Mills

Lastly, for the health-conscious, you’ll also find a new Cheerios flavor and granola from Nature Valley.

If you prefer starting your morning with granola, Nature Valley Sweet & Salty granola comes in two flavors: dark chocolate pretzel peanut and salted caramel cashew. A permanent addition to the granola aisle beginning in mid-June, an 11-ounce bag has 12 grams of protein per serving and is priced at $4.49.

All new Team Cheerios Frosted Berry is a variation of a flavor first launched 15 years ago. The updated version brings together a trio of frosted strawberry-and-blueberry Cheerios in celebration of Team USA at the 2021 Summer Olympics. Team Cheerios Frosted Berry will be available for a limited time in a family-size for $3.99 or mid-size for $2.50.

General Mills

Which new General Mills breakfast product will you be trying first?

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