‘Porcupine meatballs’ are the perfect cozy dinner for cool fall nights

As summer turns to autumn, classic comfort foods make a comeback to our menus. These tasty “porcupine” meatballs from Spend With Pennies make up the perfect dish to warm you up on a cool fall night. They’re ready in just an hour, so they’re low maintenance enough to serve on a busy weeknight as well.

The meatballs start with ingredients commonly found in traditional meatballs, including ground beef, onions, egg and seasoning. The “porcupine” part comes from long grain wild rice added to the meatballs before cooking, which sticks out when they’re done, making the meatballs resemble little porcupines. The rice gives the meatballs a soft and tender texture your whole family is sure to love.

There are many options for serving these meatballs, including over more rice or pasta or alongside some mashed or roasted potatoes and veggies. They can also be served with a variety of sauces, including a classic tomato sauce or mushroom soup sauce.

These versatile meatballs freeze well, so go ahead and make a big batch. Then freeze some for lunches or a super-easy dinner that will be ready in flash.

Looking for more yummy meatball recipes? Try slow cooker Dr. Pepper meatballs, made with the flavorful soda and just two other ingredients. This super-simple recipe would make a great snack to add to your spread for game day this season.


Love the Swedish meatballs served at Ikea? The retailer released the recipe for their iconic meatballs so that you can replicate them at home. Just like the instructions you get to put together their furniture, their step-by-step recipe includes helpful graphics to make sure your copycat recipe turns out tasting just like the real thing. They tweeted out the super-easy recipe in full on April 20:

Yum! Do you have a favorite meatball recipe you can’t wait to try as the weather cools off?