Pringles and Wendy’s teamed up to create a new chip flavor


Whether you prefer fries or chips, it goes without saying that nothing goes better with a burger than a side of potatoes.

According to Pringles, however, burgers and chips go so well together that they, in fact, should be one and the same. The potato chip brand has teamed up with fast-food chain Wendy’s for a new snack that is going to make fans of burgers, bacon and chips rejoice: Pringles Baconator potato chips!

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The limited-edition Pringles pack all the flavors found in a Wendy’s Baconator into one bite. That means each chip will taste of fresh beef, a slice of American cheese, crispy applewood-smoked bacon, ketchup and mayo.

Can’t picture it? Here’s what a Wendy’s Baconator looks like in non-potato-chip form:


“We’re excited to work with the flavor experts at Pringles to deliver the taste our fans know and love in a unique way,” Carl Loredo, Wendy’s U.S. chief marketing officer, said in a press release. “We know our Baconator fanatics will be in for quite a treat when they taste how insanely accurate Pringles made this delicious crisp.”

The new Baconator Pringles are only around for a limited time, and while they may not be available in every store, we found them stocked at Target, priced at $1.59 for a 5.6-ounce container. Instagrammer RDR Food Reviews also found them at Target in the beginning of June.

If you’re a fan of Wendy’s Baconator, you’re definitely not alone. It’s become so popular, in fact, that there is even a smaller version of the burger, called Son of a Baconator, to accommodate everyone’s Baconator needs.

The fast-food chain even has a breakfast version of the sandwich, appropriately called the Breakfast Baconator. This sandwich swaps a hamburger patty for grilled sausage and ketchup and mayonnaise for a swiss cheese sauce. It also comes with a slice of American cheese, an egg and, of course, bacon.


Will you be trying Pringles’ new limited-edition Baconator chips before they’re gone?

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