Prosecco grapesicles are an easy-to-make summer dessert

Frozen grapes have been a mood for a while now. It’s such a simple and refreshing way to turn a boring grape into the perfect summer dessert. And now, prosecco frozen grapes are taking that sweetness even further.

To make this adult treat, skewer your favorite grapes, whether you’re a fan of the purple, green or black ones. You can even do a trio of all three.

At Delish, they pour prosecco over their grapes and let them soak for a while before popping them into the freezer. Or, conversely, you could soak your grapes in champagne or prosecco and then roll them in sugar.

If you don’t love bubbly, you can use any type of adult beverage you prefer. Vodka, white wine, gin, rum… they’ll all add extra zip to your grapes. Watch the full prep below:

If you want to make your frozen grapes kid-friendly, you can use a nonalcoholic beverage instead. White grape juice, pineapple juice, cranberry juice or apple juice can all add extra flavor that your kids are sure to enjoy.


Want to bring a little sour to all this sweet? Try this idea from Healthy Little Peach. She squeezes fresh lime juice onto her grapes before putting them in the freezer, which gives them a nice bite. Think of them as healthy Sour Patch Kids!

We also love this idea from Cakes to Kale. Instead of rolling her frozen grapes in sugar, she uses a sugar-free Jell-O packet. The result is a healthy treat that kids will love! You can use any type of Jell-O you prefer.


Looking for something a little different? Try rolling your grapes in chopped pistachios. In this recipe from The Dr. Oz Show, you take green grapes, roll them in nonfat yogurt (you can also opt for full-fat yogurt, Greek yogurt or non-dairy), and then roll them in chopped pistachios. Mix up the flavors by trying a flavored yogurt like strawberry or honey vanilla yogurt.

Who says eating healthy has to be boring?