This recipe for cheeseburgers in a blanket is amazing

Everyone loves pigs in a blanket. Tiny hot dogs wrapped in a flaky croissant—what could be better? If you think there is no snack superior to this party classic, that’s because you haven’t had cheeseburgers in a blanket. Yes, such a recipe exists, and it sounds amazing!

Of course, cheeseburgers are great all on their own. But taking your favorite indulgence and making it bite-sized and wrapped in a buttery blanket? Yes, please! This twist on pigs in a blanket brings it to a whole other level, and you’re going to want to make some for your next party.

The super-simple recipe includes bacon and onion for extra flavor and, of course, cheddar cheese. You can use a tube of pre-made crescent rolls for the “blanket,” making the process even more convenient. The recipe says you should drizzle ketchup and mustard on the filling before they go in the oven for baking, but I think letting people dunk the finished product in the condiments would be a tasty option too!

Check out this video from YouTube that demonstrates how the delicious snacks are made:

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Not to get carried away, but what about cheeseburger nachos? Combining cheeseburgers with nachos sounds like a match made in heaven. If your palate is a little more sophisticated, give cheeseburger gnocchi a try. Another winning combination that sounds absolutely divine (if not a bit dangerous for your waistline), is cheeseburger pizza. What will they think of next?!

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