Jell-O shots in strawberry ‘cups’ are almost too cute to eat

We’re Calling Shenanigans

Jell-O shots have a bad reputation as the too-sweet staple of college parties and wild beach bars. But these adorable strawberry Jell-O shots from the blog We’re Calling Shenanigans just might change your perspective.

The recipe, by Shenanigans blogger Kristen, uses real strawberries as the “cups” for the shots. As Kristen wisely notes, this saves the waste of the usual plastic or paper tumblers — eco-friendly and fun!

Another twist: These li’l dudes are strawberry margarita shots. For folks like me who don’t care much for vodka, it’s an exciting innovation.

We’re Calling Shenanigans

The first step: Get to work on your strawberries. Cutting off the rounded point at the bottom gives the berry a flat surface to stand on; cut off the greens at the top, too.

A small, sharp knife (or a strawberry huller) will help you cut out the core of the strawberry and clean up the interior a bit. This is where you’re going to pour your booze-ified Jell-O, so make sure you don’t poke any holes through the strawberries.

Once you’ve got your strawberries prepped, it’s tequila time. The liquor goes into the standard strawberry Jell-O mix, along with a little Cointreau.

Carefully pour your spiked Jell-O potion into each strawberry cup, and refrigerate.

We’re Calling Shenanigans

Kristen points out that you may want to check on your little beauties after about 45 minutes in the fridge: Jell-O contracts as it solidifies, so a refill of the Jell-O liquid may be required. Use what’s left over from your first go-round.

After that, just leave everything alone for a couple hours. And that’s it — the cutest Jell-O shots you ever did see. The Shenanigans kitchen garnished them with petite lime wedges and a little sugar, too, but that’s your call.

Click here to see the full recipe, including some important tips for making the strawberry cups. These dainty, boozy bites look just right for any summery occasion!

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