4 Amazing Recipes That Prove Cauliflower Is The New Kale

As a vegetarian, I am always up for a new way to use vegetables. If I can buy a big bunch of kale to add to pasta, soup and turn into chips, then by golly, I will buy kale. But there is now another veggie threatening kale’s versatility and you may be surprised to learn what it is.

Cauliflower is taking over social media with recipe after recipe of healthy ways to use this well-known vegetable. From multiple flavors of rice to tots and pizza crust, it seems there is little you can’t make with cauliflower. As someone who doesn’t eat meat, I even enjoy it as a substitute in what are traditionally meat dishes.

“Cauliflower is this blank slate. It has the ability to take on any flavor, kind of like chicken,” chef Jason Weiner told Bloomberg.

Snack Girl

The best thing about cauliflower, aside from the fact that it’s so versatile, is obviously the health benefits. Once cup has about 29 calories and nearly no fat, sodium or sugar. Compare that to normal white rice or potatoes, which weigh in at about 200 calories and 116 calories, respectively.

This boom in all things cauliflower is, like nearly everything else, thanks to the internet. Recipes spread rapidly and calorie-counting, healthy eaters soon catch on. A quick search on Pinterest returns more recipes than I can even count.

Personally, I’ve had full conversations about nothing but cauliflower. (Yes, I do know that makes me sound insanely boring.) But there’s just so much to try! So, without further ado, here are four popular recipes taking over the internet right now.

1. Cauliflower Fried Rice

This recipe from As Easy As Apple Pie takes the place of your favorite Chinese food side dish. With cauliflower, eggs, vegetables, spices and soy sauce, the calorie count is significantly lower than traditional fried rice.

As Easy As Apple Pie

2. Cauliflower Crust Pizza

This recipe features only cauliflower, cheese, egg and spices. Obviously, what you put on your pizza changes the health factor, but the crust is big when it comes to calories.


3. Cauliflower Breadsticks

These breadsticks from Real Housemoms have egg, rice, spices and don’t skimp on the cheese, which, obviously, is the best part.

Real Housemoms

4. Cauliflower Tacos

A great vegan choice, BrandNew Vegan shows it’s easy to substitute cauliflower for meat. With cauliflower, mushrooms, walnuts, soy sauce and spices, these tacos are not only healthier, but they look amazing.

BrandNew Vegan

Considering all of these recipes seem easy even for not-so-experienced cooks, and the health benefits to using cauliflower are numerous, this is one internet craze we can totally get behind! For more recipes, click here.