You Can Now Get Red Lobster Delivered To Your Door

Of all the technological advances made in recent years, the ability to order something online and have it then show up at your house has to be the best. This is especially exciting when it comes to food delivery. Seriously, you can even order food on Amazon and Facebook from all sorts of restaurants. And now, even the seafood chain Red Lobster is getting in on the trend — by mid-July, you’ll be able to order seafood delivered directly to your home.


Last month Red Lobster announced a partnership with the food delivery service DoorDash, which will make delivery available from more than 300 Red Lobster locations across the U.S. and Canada. Yup, that means you can have a seafood meal delivered to your house, to your work for lunch or for a late night at the office.

And, of course, it includes cheddar bay biscuits.

You can order Red Lobster via DoorDash online or through its apps for iOS and Android. Online ordering will also be added to the My Red Lobster Rewards app, so keep an eye out for the update. The free app is available for iOS and Android and in addition to online orders, you’ll also earn points and can redeem rewards.

Do you still prefer the traditional route of going out to eat or are you enjoying the convenience of ordering in?