The Pioneer Woman’s Husband Just Threw Her a Surprise 50th Birthday Party

The Pioneer Woman knows how to celebrate, even when she’s not expecting it!

Popular blogger and Food Network star Ree Drummond celebrated her milestone 50th birthday on Jan. 6 with a surprise party thrown by her husband, Ladd Drummond, aka Marlboro Man.

Drummond posted about the unexpected soiree on her Instagram account.

“I was truly surprised,” she wrote in a post. “My sister was there from Seattle, my closest high school friends came from San Diego, Dallas, Kansas City, and Atlanta, and my oldest/dearest childhood friends were there, too. Friends and family from Pawhuska showed up.”

Drummond sported a cowboy hat bedazzled with colorful beads and the number 50 — plus many looks of delight — in the photos.

The party took place at Drummond’s wood-fired pizza joint, P-Town Pizza. The Pawhuska, Oklahoma, establishment is the newest Pioneer Woman enterprise to open in the small town near the Drummond family ranch. There’s also The Mercantile store and restaurant and The Boarding House hotel. A steakhouse/saloon is next.

In an Instagram post shortly after P-Town Pizza opened, Drummond joked that it was the only place she allowed herself to cheat on her “no-carb” diet.

Considering all those fabulous dining options, plus Drummond’s popular food blogging, cookbooks and Food Network show, it should come as no surprise that there were many tasty items on the menu at Drummond’s party.

But this time, The Pioneer Woman didn’t have to cook, as she posted that “our Mercantile chefs and bakers made a spread of food I’ll be daydreaming about for the rest of my life.”

One close-up of the birthday girl’s dessert spread showed plates full of pink macarons and sugar roses, a tower of cream puffs and a white fondant cake delicately painted with flowers. Another photo showed festive individual trifles.

Family and longtime friends, like this couple from Drummond’s hometown of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, celebrated with her.

“At the end of the evening, we were gathered around a fire pit laughing so hard about old stories and memories that our ribs hurt,” Drummond posted in her Instagram recap of the surprise party. “I had been telling my husband that I really wanted the whole birthday thing to blow over this year and just pretend it never happened. I’m so glad the little booger decided not to listen to me.”

Marlboro Man turns 50 himself on Jan. 22. Makes you wonder what Drummond’s got planned for his big day. The couple has been married 22 years and Drummond makes no secret of her love for her husband.

“Our anniversary blew by us last week!” she posted back in September 2018. “It’s a sandwich generation thing. I love you, honey.❤️ Dang, you’re a specimen.”