This Resort In The Bahamas Was Created Especially For Plus-Size Travelers

"Being able to feel 'normal,' even for a little while, was beyond a gift."

Warm-weather holidays are supposed to be a time for rest and relaxation. But for some, the anxiety of wearing a swimsuit in public, or the fear that they will be fat-shamed when they hit up the breakfast buffet, can ruin a vacation.

Enter The Resort, the first all-inclusive hotel that caters specifically to overweight and obese people. Located on Eleuthera/Harbour Island in the Bahamas, the luxury property was founded by entrepreneur James King.

“I Decided I Had To Do Something”

The businessman told People that he came up with the idea many years ago when he noticed full-figured people running into awkward and even humiliating situations at other hotels:

“On my first day working at a resort in Grenada, a young woman sat down in one of the loungers, and she went right through it, and everybody on the beach was laughing. The next day I was in my office, and I hear screaming and yelling, and she was having a fit because the owner’s policy was that she was charged $150 for destruction of hotel property. And I thought that it was insane… I tried to convince the owners that we needed furniture other than this plastic flimsy stuff, and they didn’t care. I decided that I had to do something.”

At The Resort, King makes sure that these types of problems don’t exist, thanks to reinforced furniture (beds included) and extra-wide doors. Even the sun loungers are made from strong wood that can hold up to 560 pounds.

Guests Are Able To Feel Like Themselves

“Being able to feel ‘normal,’ even for a little while, was beyond a gift,” one guest, a 375-pound woman from Texas, told the New York Post. “Can you imagine how it feels to walk down a beach and hear people refer to you as a beached whale?”

At The Resort, she donned a swimsuit without fear.

“I wore a bikini,” she said, “and never felt uncomfortable, and I was noticed for my beauty, not my size. Living as a plus-size person in a judgmental world is stressful.”

The Resort is a luxury destination with five miles of private sand and three buffet meals a day. However, it comes at a hefty cost. The property only takes group reservations for up to 24 people, and a six-day stay clocks in at $16,400. (If you did happen to have 23 overweight BFFs, that would only come out to a more affordable $684 a person.)

Apparently The Resort has been successful enough that a second location is being scouted.

It’s great to see that this resort is helping people feel comfortable in their own skin—no matter their size. No one should be made to feel bad about themselves, and especially not on vacation.