People Are Sharing Side-Profile Selfies On Social Media To Celebrate Their Unique Noses

All noses—no matter how big, bumpy or otherwise imperfect—are beautiful!

Considering that rhinoplasty, aka a “nose job,” is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the U.S., it’s safe to say that there are a lot of people out there who don’t like their noses. However, one woman has started a body positivity social media campaign with the intent to prove that all noses—no matter how big, bumpy or otherwise imperfect—are beautiful.

The Origin Of The #Sideprofileselfie Campaign

Radhika Sanghani‏, a 27-year-old London-based journalist, started the #sideprofileselfie hashtag. Her intention was to encourage people to “stop hating our noses for not being tiny, little snubs” by posting a photo of their side profile, an angle that people with less-than-perfect features often avoid.

Many women, and even some men, responded with photos and praise for Sanghani’s social challenge to break the imperfect nose beauty taboo. As a result, the hashtag quickly went viral, spreading across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Here’s Twitter user @LillieMarie16’s side profile, where she implores others to raise their noses for the cause:

Meanwhile, Twitter user @Sansomchris says his big nose is a big part of his identity:

Mayim Bialik of “The Big Bang Theory” even joined the campaign, posting a side profile shot of her own:

Why Sanghani Started The #Sideprofileselfie Campaign

Sanghani explained her motivation to start the campaign in an article she wrote for Grazia:

…I grew up thinking that you can’t be beautiful unless you have a snub little ski-slope of a nose, like Kate Middleton or Mila Kunis—and I know other women have too. There just aren’t enough larger-nosed ladies with stereotypically ‘hot’ roles in movies or ad campaigns to make us think an aquiline profile can be pretty.

But times are changing and fashion and beauty is becoming more diverse than ever…But despite all this, I feel like the only taboo that hasn’t been broken is the big nose, and it’s not right. We’ve seen the ulfiltered spotty skin, the stretch marks, the cellulite and the body hair all being reclaimed as our own and beautiful online. But noses are still hidden in subtle head tilts and awkward poses. We need change. It’s why I’m using this article to launch the #sideprofileselfie.

With hundreds of photos posted and no end in sight, here’s hoping the #sideprofileselfie campaign continues to inspire people to love their noses—no matter what their shape or size.