9 Simple Tricks To Make Painting Your Nails Easier Than Ever Before

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I’m a leftie and applying nail polish can be quite frustrating.  Thankfully, I’ve got a few great tips to help make the process super easy. From removing old nail polish to preventing chips, I’ve got you covered.

1. Dip your hands in ice water for 3 minutes to dry your nails super fast

This will essentially freeze-dry the nail polish.

2. Use a rubberized base coat to make your polish last longer

Professional manicurists swear by Orly Bonder. At $8.80, it’s pricey, but once you start using it, you won’t want to stop.  The coating helps to adhere the polish.

3. Use a tea bag and glue to fix a broken nail

Just cut a small piece of tea bag and lay it over the damaged area, add some glue and then file it after the glue dries.  For a complete set of instructions, click here.

4. Avoid unwanted air bubbles by rolling your nail polish bottle

Put the nail polish between your hands and roll gently back and forth.  Doing this will prevent those unsightly nail bubbles to form when you start painting.

5. To get perfect French tips, use a Band-Aid

french tip photo
Photo by sunshinecity

Just cover up the bottom portion of your nail with a Band-Aid.  It’s that easy.

6. Try applying multiple thin coats versus one thick coat

Closeup of Woman applying nail varnish to finger nails
Adobe Stock

When you paint a thick coat, it will only dry on the top layer and can become more vulnerable to smudges.

7. Use Vaseline on cuticles to protect your skin from errant nail polish strokes

Vaseline photo
Photo by pjohnkeane

8. Spray nails with oil spray to set your manicure and prevent smudges.

9. Open a stubborn nail polish bottle by wrapping a rubber band around it.