Just when we thought we were over crazy Starbucks drinks, the Crystal Ball frappuccino makes its debut

The rumors were true: There is a fruity, colorful new Frappuccino at a Starbucks near you. It’s called the Crystal Ball Frappuccino, and by simply gazing at pictures of this tantalizing new coffee drink, I can predict the future … or at least, predict that the Crystal Ball Frapp is bound to be a super-sweet and fun-to-eat treat!

Sneak Peeks On Social Media

Before Starbucks confirmed the news of its debut, some very sneaky baristas took pictures of the Crystal Ball Frapp and posted them to their social media, and it didn’t take long for these images to go viral.

Looking at the Crystal Ball Frapp, it’s easy to see why users like dizthrubrowneyes were quick to share the pretty pictures with friends.


Wow. These drinks are freakin’ gorgeous! Instagram user and foodie hungryinvegas posted this close-up picture of a Crystal Ball Frapp and it has me drooling:


Get This Before It’s Gone

The Crystal Ball Frapp officially rolled out in Starbucks location nationwide on Thursday, March 22. However, be warned: This drink isn’t going to stay around forever, as it is a limited-time frapp, and will only be available until March 26, or until supplies last.


Instagram user and Starbucks artist @erinelin even posted this sweet image of the promo she did for the Crystal Ball frapp.


What’s In The Crystal Frappuccino?

Here’s how Starbucks describes this new, fruity Frapp:

“A mystical, swirling peach infusion topped with peach flavored whipped cream, turquoise sprinkles and one of three different candy gems that reveal your fortune (not even your barista knows what your future holds). Order, gaze, then all will be told.”

You can head to the Starbucks site for the full list of ingredients (especially if you have allergies!), but it looks like the base is the Creme Frappuccino with their sugar-based syrup and fruity flavors mixed in plus the aforementioned peach-flavored whipped cream on top. All that PLUS a “gem drizzle” and “candy gem topping” PLUS turquoise sprinkles.

(If you are avoiding sugar for health reasons, this is NOT the drink for you, folks!)

Here’s the fun, fortune-telling part: Your barista will sprinkle the candy gem topping as the finishing touch on your drink. The color, according to Starbucks, will indicate what lies ahead for you.

Blue = Adventure


Green = Luck


Purple = Magic


How exactly this works behind the bar, well, you’ll have to ask your barista. In the meantime, enjoy your drink and the magic, adventure or luck in your future!

The Latest In Starbucks’ Colored Drink Craze

This, of course, is the latest in a long line of brightly-colored, limited-time Frappuccinos. The craze really took off during the summer of 2016 when the “pink drink” was all the rage. A whole line of rainbow-colored drinks came after, followed by the popular Unicorn Frapp last spring.

Jenna Hebeler/Simplemost

Now, as delicious as these drinks look, some people on social media are asking Starbucks lovers to take it easy on their baristas.


So be sure to leave your barista a good tip if you order one of these complicated beauties!