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You Can Now Buy Starburst Heart-Shaped Jelly Beans For Valentine’s Day

They're the perfect sweet treat!

January is (somehow) already nearly half over, which means one thing: it’s almost Valentine’s Day … and time for lots and lots of candy. While your first thought when it comes to Valentine’s Day candy might be a giant heart-shaped box of chocolate, there’s a lot more to choose from than that.

From limited-edition M&M’s, Skittles, and pink Kit-Kats to new candy this year, such as Lava Cake Hershey Kisses, the choices are already pretty endless. Starbursts are also getting in on the fun with brand-new heart-shaped jelly beans.


The jelly beans are, of course, pink and red, and if you’ve always been picky about your Starburst flavors, you may be happy to know they are only the strawberry and cherry flavors. We can see these being a tasty treat on their own or a cute decoration atop frosting on Valentine’s Day cookies or cupcakes.

Heart-shaped Starburst jelly beans selling right now at Target for $3.69 per bag, but may be available in other stores the closer we get to Valentine’s Day. Odds are they won’t be sticking around too long after the holiday, however, so make sure you grab a bag before Feb. 14.

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The good news is that even after these jelly beans disappear until (hopefully) next Valentine’s Day, you can still get your hands on just pink and red Starbursts year-round. These unwrapped minis and these FaveREDs packs all come with just strawberry, cherry, fruit punch, and watermelon flavors — so no more setting aside the yellow ones to hand out for Halloween!

Will you be picking up a bag of Starburst’s new heart-shaped jelly beans for Valentine’s Day?