This Genius Sticker Sticker Tells You If Your Avocado Is Ripe

Choosing the perfect avocado is easier said than done. They’re usually either not ripe enough or they’ve started to turn brown already. And for whatever reason, when I’m choosing avocados at the store, I can never tell the difference.

A lot of folks must find themselves in a similar type of Goldilocks and the tree avocados-type situation when trying to find one that’s “just right” because a grocery store in New Zealand started putting stickers on their avocados that would make it easier to tell just how primed each one was.


The image was first shared on Reddit, and comes to us by way of a New Zealand producing marketing company called Freshmax. The sticker features three different colors. One to indicate “Not Ripe,” one for “Firm Ripe” and another for “Soft Ripe.” Depending on the color of the avocado skin, this is a pretty good guide to knowing what type of freshness you’re dealing with. Will you open it up to find it perfectly green? This sticker will definitely help you tell.

So far, there’s no U.S. version of this sticker, but I sure hope it comes along sometime soon. In the meantime, The Kitchn points out another way to tell if your avocado is ready to be turned into guacamole!


Apparently, you can tell a lot about ripeness through the stem. If it comes off easily and you see green underneath it, start eating! If the stem stays put, wait a bit before cutting into the thing. If it comes off, but it’s brown underneath the stem, it’s overripe and will likely be brown on the inside.

Of course, firmness is a good indicator, as well. Which is why you’ll find me in the vegetable section, squeezing a lot of avocados. Be careful to squeeze them with your palm and not so much with your fingers, as that can cause bruising. If it’s is slightly firm and not dented, it’s ready for you to enjoy!