Stouffer’s now has bite-size versions of 3 classic comfort foods

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Very few things in life turn a bad day around like your favorite comfort food. Whether that’s macaroni and cheese, warm and hearty soup or a recipe your grandmother used to make, our favorite meals have a way of making things better.

If you’re craving some comfort food but don’t want to make a full meal, Stouffer’s has recently added some delicious options to its lineup that may hit the spot.

The brand, known for providing frozen comfort food dishes we can cook at home without actually making them ourselves, is now offering bite-sized versions of three familiar favorites: lasagna, chicken pot pie and bacon and white cheddar macaroni and cheese.


The bite-sized versions mean you can get the taste of comfort food without having to cook, for example, an entire lasagna. You can also heat up just a few bites at a time to satisfy cravings without ending up with leftovers.

The Classic Lasagna Bites feature crispy breading stuffed with meat sauce, Italian style herbs, mozzarella cheese and noodles. The Bacon & White Cheddar Mac Bites also have a crispy breading, but are stuffed with macaroni, bacon and creamy white cheddar cheese.


Stouffer’s says the Chicken Pot Pie Bites have all the flavor of a home-cooked chicken pot pie without the hassle. They feature a golden crust stuffed with white meat chicken, peas, carrots and creamy gravy.

The three types of bites, which come in a box of either 13, 17 or 18 depending on which one you buy, are in select grocery stores nationwide for around $4.99-$5.99.


If you’d rather make your own mini versions of some comfort treats, check out these easy buffalo macaroni and cheese bites or this list of 15 delicious foods you can make in muffin tins, including everything from pie to (you guessed it) lasagna.

What comfort food dish would you like to see in bite-sized portions?

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