This Stuffed Bear Sleeping Bag Is Just What Every Kid Needs


When you were a kid, you just couldn’t sleep without your favorite stuffed animal (admit it!). But for today’s kids, the notion of falling asleep with teddy bear wrapped in their arms just won’t do. Oh no! They can do one better.

Instead of sleeping with their favorite toy, kids these days can sleep inside of it. Your little kid mind would be blown, now, wouldn’t it? We certainly think so! Well, this sleeping bag/stuffed bear combo lets kiddos do just that.

Take a look at this adorable sleeping bag!


Kids can crawl inside of their favorite snuggly bear and fall fast asleep! This brilliant invention can be found on SnooZzoo for $109.95 to $129.95, depending on the size. The original SnooZzoos come in size small (for children 36 to 54 inches tall) and large (for children 48 to 60 inches tall). The second-generation version is only available in the small size.


Amazon sells a polar bear version for $129.95 (plus free shipping), in addition to the teddy bear and panda bear.


These are great for getting seriously snuggly any time of year. How adorable would your little ones be snuggled up in this hippo sleeping bag?


Something For Big Kids, Too

If you’re starting to feel a little jealous that kids get to have all the fun — don’t worry, because SnooZzoo also sells adult versions of these animal sleeping bags. They’re perfect for grown-ups who never quite grew out of that “snuggle with a teddy bear” phase. Or, maybe you and the kids want to have an extra fun time together while reading before bed. Dressing up in these sleeping bags is certainly the way to go for that!

You can snatch this adult-sized tiger version on sale for $154.85.


Or swallow your pride and dress up in this black bear sleeping bag. The kids will definitely get a kick out of seeing mom or dad dressed up as a bear! (If you need to grab a beer like the man in the photo — no judgment from us!) It’s also on sale for $154.85.


Other Ways To Score Some Shut-Eye

Animal sleeping bags certainly aren’t the only cozy way to catch some ZZZs. There are all kinds of products on the market to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Are you always warm at night? This innovative mattress topper will help you stay cool while you’re asleep.


This unique pillow will finally solve the problem of where to put your arm if it tends to creep up under your pillow while you snooze. No more waking up with a sore arm!


And for power naps — anytime, anywhere — this funny-looking ostrich pillow is a must-have. It’s like your own private cocoon to block out noise and light while you catch some shuteye.


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