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These Stunning Succulent Cakes Are The Newest Baking Trend

This new cake-decorating trend showcases bakers' amazing technique.

If you’ve been browsing  for new home decor lately, you’re probably well aware that succulents are quite trendy in the home decor market. And we can see why. The little, thick-leaved plants are quite beautiful, and come in an array of sizes, shapes and colors.

It was much to our surprise, however, when these trendy little plants started showing up on cakes. That’s right. Cakes. While I wouldn’t immediately consider succulents to be very appealing to my palate, the swoon-worthy photos of vibrant succulent cakes trending on social media might just change my mind.

It's always good to be back home. Till we meet again Surabaya. 💕💕

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One baker in particular has one of the most beautiful Instagram feeds I’ve ever laid eyes on. The talented cake decorator’s name is Iven Kawi, a home-based baker located in  Jakarta, Indonesia. While she bakes an assortment of different baked goods, her main focus is cakes, which she decorates with intricate and detailed plant life made entirely out of piping, or frosting.

Choose hope, choose love, choose for better life, brighter future for our beloved one. 💕

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Each cake she makes is made to order, baked and then decorated in her home. Kawi says she pays extra close attention to detail by mixing her own batches of buttercream frosting to ensure she achieves the perfect hue for each leaf and petal she adds to her gorgeous cakes.

Thank you for loving it as much as we do. Muchas gracias 😘

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Even more admirable: No two cakes or desserts she creates are ever the same.

But Kawi isn’t the only one who’s jumped on the succulent cake trend. Numerous swoon-worthy photos of these detailed and stunning cakes have been popping up on Instagram’s newsfeed now more than ever. But hey, we don’t mind. After all, this just might be the new and best way to eat your greens.

Here are some of our favorites:

[다육이를 먹어요🌵🍴] 부모님 결혼기념일 선물로 주문해주신 다육이케이크🌵🌳🌲 사랑스러운 앙금다육이로 특별한 기념일이 되셨길 바래요😉🍀 . 현재 앙금다육이케이크는 원데이클래스로도 진행중입니다😊✨ . 2호, 백설기, 돔형 — 주문, 클래스(상시모집) 예약문의📝 Kakao ID: 메리킴아틀리에 Facebook ID: merrykimatelier . . . #메리킴아틀리에 #안산앙금플라워케이크 #안산앙금플라워 #안산플라워케이크 #안산앙금플라워떡케이크 #앙금플라워 #앙금플라워떡케이크 #플라워케이크 #플라워케익 #떡케익 #떡케이크 #플라워케이크 #생일케익 #생일케이크 #생신케이크 #주문 #원데이클래스 #안산 #고잔신도시 #안산케이크 #케이크 #안산맘 #케익스타그램 #꽃스타그램 #꽃 #선물 #선인장 #다육이 #다육식물 #앙금다육이 #다육이케이크

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"The earth has music for those who listen" 🌿🍃🌵 Always inspired by nature – tune from the ultimate creator! ☺️💕

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I wish I could do up my own succulent cake, but I think I’m going to leave this one to the pros.

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