Subway is introducing 3 new sandwiches and bringing back 3 fan favorites

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If you’re a fan of grabbing a sandwich at Subway, get ready for some new subs, old favorites and different ingredients starting July 13. The sandwich chain has announced that they’re changing up their menu, including new bread and toppings, plus six all-new or returning sandwiches.

Subway says the chain has been in the kitchen working with a panel of bakers for more than two years to develop the new bread recipes and baking methods to create their two new bread choices, artisan Italian and hearty multigrain bread.

You’ll also find three new toppings at Subway when the new menu launches: smashed avocado, BelGioioso fresh mozzarella, which comes from cheesemakers in Wisconsin, and the new MVP parmesan vinaigrette.


The biggest changes, though, include the addition of three new sandwiches and the return of three other fan-favorites: rotisserie-style chicken, roast beef and the Subway club.

All three new sandwiches — a new version of a club sandwich and two that Subway refers to as “Cali Fresh” — feature one of the new breads and a variety of toppings.

With the Cali fresh sandwiches, you’ll find either turkey or steak, both on the new hearty multigrain bread. While you can put whatever toppings you want on both sandwiches, they also come with hickory-smoked bacon, smashed avocado and mozzarella. The turkey Cali fresh also includes mayonnaise and spinach.


The new All-American club features oven-roasted turkey, Black Forest ham and hickory-smoked bacon. Along with whatever toppings you want, it also comes with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and red onions on the new toasted artisan Italian bread.


Many of Subway’s meats have also gotten an upgrade. The chain says their new, crispier bacon is hickory-smoked for five hours on hardwood, and that the ham and oven-roasted turkey are now both sliced deli-thin. The steak is now “thicker and juicier,” while the rotisserie-style chicken is hand-pulled.

The new sandwiches, breads and toppings will be available at Subway locations nationwide beginning July 13.

Which new sandwich are you most excited to try?

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