8 Surprising Uses For Honey In And Around The Home

We probably all use honey in tea, particularly when we’re sick, and in baking. But do you know other ways to use honey around the house? We’re here to give you some ideas.

1. Honey As A Face Moisturizer

Honey… on your face? I know, I was a naysayer, too. But once I tried it, I now make this mask every few days. You can opt for avocado and honey, banana and honey, or an egg yolk and honey. Personally, I found the avocado and honey to have the smoothest result going on, and afterwards, but each one is worth trying.

2. Honey To Fight Acne

Who knew that the best acne-fighting solution has been sitting in your kitchen cabinet all this time? Yes, honey. It acts like an antibiotic and kills the bacteria behind acne. It can also help reduce redness for those of us with Rosacea. In addition, it helps remove dirt from our faces, as well as helps prevent new breakouts. You can apply it straight to your face, or mix it with something else, like cinnamon. Eating a teaspoon a day can help, as well, either straight, in your tea, or in your food (like Greek yogurt).

3. Honey Can Help Increase Blood Circulation

If you want better blood circulation, dig out your honey and apple cider vinegar. Then, mix a tablespoon of each with some hot water and drink. This will help with blood flow, while also reduce inflammation from sore joints and arthritis.

4. Honey For The Colon

If you have colon issues, ulcerative colitis, or irritable bowel syndrome, honey may help alleviate inflammation in the bowel. Some say manuka honey, which is unprocessed and from New Zealand, works best, while others say drinking any kind of honey daily, in general, will help.

5. Honey As An Antiseptic

What do you do when you don’t have rubbing alcohol, aloe, or Bactine around? Reach for your jar of honey. It’s true. Whether you have a fresh wound or a burn, honey makes for an ideal antiseptic and will reduce swelling and pain.

6. Honey For “Caffeine”

Are you in a mid-afternoon slump? Before reaching for an energy capsule or cup of coffee, reach for the honey. You can either mix it with water and drink it, or have some straight. The glucose will give you a natural boost.

7. Honey For Anxiety

We probably all know someone who suffers from anxiety, and honey can help. You can either add it to your breakfast oatmeal or Greek yogurt, or add it to your tea before bed.

8. Honey For Energy

As you probably know, honey is better for you than sugar due to its nature-made quality, and we all need carbohydrates for energy. Plus, it’s been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. In addition, small amounts of proteins, enzymes, and amino acids have been found in honey, too. So, start adding it to your diet daily for added natural energy.

Photo by North Charleston