Taco Bell’s Half-Pound Double Chalupa Is Back On The Menu

Taco Bell is constantly pushing the limits and surprising us with new menu choices. A quesadilla stuffed with Kit Kats or Twix bars? Um, sure. Nacho fries? Oh, yeah. A gigantic half-pound double chalupa? Sold!

If this latest addition to the menu sounds familiar, that’s because it is. While it is in the “new” category on Taco Bell’s menu, we were actually graced with the double chalupa in June 2017 as well. Why did it go away? Who knows? The important thing is that it’s back!

taco bell photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

If you didn’t get a chance to try it last year, the double chalupa is just what it sounds like: double the size of a standard chalupa. Described by Taco Bell as a “fried tortilla shell, in the shape of a small boat, filled with lots of flavorful ingredients,” on its own, the standard chalupa is already pretty great. But double the portion of beef, pile on lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream and nacho cheese sauce and you’ve got a half-pound of food for just $3.49.

Sadly, the double chalupa is only back for a limited time, so if it’s something you want to try, don’t wait. You can also turn up the heat a bit and get a spicy double chalupa, also around for a limited time.

Taco Bell

If the double chalupa is not enough to satisfy your appetite, you can get it in a box that includes a double chalupa, a taco, cinnamon twists and a drink for just $5. The $5 box will get you a chance to win a custom Xbox One X Platinum limited-edition bundle that features Taco Bell’s famous “ring” as the “power on” sound.

Will you be heading to Taco Bell for the double chalupa before it’s gone again?