Target Is Selling Disney Princess Sock Advent Calendars For Just $15

They're only $15! Here's where you can get them.

While socks are likely toward the top of the list as the worst Christmas gifts to get as a kid (next to underwear, of course), when you’re an adult, they can actually be pretty fun. After all, they come in all sorts of colors and prints — and they’re practical.

This love for socks in adulthood is likely the reason some folks are choosing to forego the normal chocolate Advent calendars this year in favor of calendars filled with socks. While there are also Advent calendars for wine, cheese and Reese’s Peanut butter cups, socks seem to be stealing the show with patterns of everything from Nickelodeon to “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and, now at Target, even Disney princesses.

Happy Snow White GIF by Disney - Find & Share on GIPHY


Target’s Disney Princess 12-day sock Advent calendar comes with socks in sizes 9-11 and costs $15, or $1.25 a pair. The calendar includes four pairs of crew socks and eight pairs of no-show socks, all with your favorite (or least favorite) Disney characters like Snow White, Jasmine, Maleficent and Ursula.


The socks come packaged in a black box with Disney trivia, pictures from the films and sayings like “Girls Are Heroes Too” and “This Princess Saves Herself.”


Target also offers the 12 days of socks in girls’ sizes for $15, just in case you happen to know a kid who doesn’t mind socks for Christmas. If Disney princesses are not exactly your thing, Target has quite a few other sock Advent calendars, including Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse and “Game of Thrones.” The socks in the “Game of Thrones” calendar feature sayings like “Winter is Coming” which is perfect for counting down the December days.

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Will you be picking up a fun sock calendar to help count down to Christmas?