Target’s Matching Outfits Make Dressing the Family So Much Easier

You’ve seen them. Maybe it was in an Instagram post or Pinterest pin. It might have even been at the beach or your kid’s soccer game.

They are the super-coordinated and amazingly put-together family.

You had a fleeting thought about doing the same with your family.

You imagined sifting through clothes that could become complementary outfits for the kiddos, your partner and yourself.

Then you laughed and brushed it off, because who actually has the time or energy for that?


Well, now you can do it without any hassle at a store you’re probably going to visit this weekend anyway.

That’s right, Target now sells matching outfits for the entire family.

The clothes are from the Genuine Kids From Oshkosh Family Collection, and they are fun, affordable and totally adorable. Check them out for yourself.

target photo
Getty Images | Alex Wong

Palm Print

Stand out from the crowd in the best way on your amusement park trip this summer with some cool corresponding print pieces.

Dads and young boys can choose from three different shirts.

Moms get a flattering and comfortable dress, while little girls can pick a romper or a dress like their mom’s. Items start at $11.


Pink + Blue

In this bright, tropical collection, moms can choose between a comfy short set or a sweet wrap dress.

Dads and boys get complementary (but not matchy-matchy) shirts. Toddler girls win with a selection of sundress, romper or darling short and blouse set. Items are $11 and up.


Red + Yellow

Who says you shouldn’t mix prints with stripes?

This family collection blends them perfectly, with Hawaiian print shirts for the guys and stripes or denim for the ladies. Items start at $11.



You will be the cutest and most coordinated family at the neighborhood pool wearing swimwear from this collection.

There’s a one-piece with kimono cover-up for moms, board shorts for guys and one- or two-piece sets for girls. Items are $11 and up.


These collections are available in men’s, women’s and toddler sizes with a few pieces available in women’s plus sizes.

So far there are no outfits for bigger kids, but maybe that’s because getting school-aged kiddos to dress like their parents is a tough sell. Look for the outfits at your local Target or snag them online.

Once you’ve got your family on board with the idea of coordinating outfits, you may as well check out these matching pajamas.

They’re also available at Target, from a different collection. You’ll be so festive for the 4th of July!