Teen Has The Best Reaction When Her Parents Surprise Her With 2 Puppies For Her 16th Birthday

A 16th birthday is a rite of passage for any adolescent. It’s the age when many teens first get a driver’s license, and it has come to signify the official transition from kid to emerging adult. A lot of people choose to mark the occasion with a big party, otherwise known as a “Sweet 16.”

In recent years, increasingly elaborate bashes have become the norm. Well, one girl got surprised with two puppies for her 16th birthday, and her reaction is pretty priceless. After learning that she has received two adorable puppies for her birthday, the teen is completely overwhelmed with emotion.

“They’re mine? They’re both mine?” she can be heard asking incredulously. When her parents confirm that the two pups are, indeed, all hers, the birthday girl declares them “the best parents I have ever had in my life.” We’ll just let the fact that they’re probably the only parents she’s ever had in her life go for now, as her thinking is obviously a little clouded by the cute overload she is currently experiencing.

“We’re the best you’ve ever had,” her dad cheekily agrees.

Take a look at the sweet and hilarious video below:

While the girl’s identity has not been revealed, the video has been popping up all over the internet. Based on her reaction, we’re guessing she must have wanted the pups for some time. She doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry and says that she’s “never been so happy in my entire life.”

Aww, too cute!

People on social media thought the whole thing was pretty aww- and LOL-inducing, too.

“Awwww this is precious!! This is just a breath of fresh air compared to what I’ve seen on social media with teenagers,” read one comment on Facebook.

“Safer, cuter and cheaper than a car,” said another.

That’s a good point! We’re glad this girl got a Sweet 16 surprise that made her this happy!