This company is restoring photos damaged in Hurricane Harvey for free

The complete devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey last summer was very evident, and the damages were calculated to be in the billions. But what’s even worse—and what most don’t consider—is how many priceless items were lost.

Survivors of this natural disaster have not only had to endure the process of rebuilding what was destroyed, but also have had to take time to mourn the loss of some of life’s irreplaceable things, like photographs.

This is where Texas Photo Renovators comes in. This initiative came to fruition after photographer and native Houstonian Levi Rosen and a small team of volunteers felt compelled to help those who had their most cherished possessions damaged.

“Watching our family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and strangers all come together after Harvey’s heavy rains and rising flood waters, we knew we needed to do something to help,” they wrote on their website.

Texas Photo Renovators’ official mission is to “restore damaged photos and provide personalized care that helps families hold on to memories and find hope in rebuilding.”

In the touching video below, you can see Adobe students going home to home as they hand-deliver restored versions of precious family photos that had been ruined in the storm. The look of overwhelming joy and relief seen on the storm victims’ faces as they receive their old photos, now framed and completely transformed, is incredibly moving.

“It was terrifying, it was a nightmare come true,” one survivor says in the video. “We were looking around trying to gather things up to see what we could save and before we knew it everything was just destroyed and gone.”

“Our house can be replaced. But our pictures can’t,” explains another.

For many, these restored photos are the only ones they have of their loved ones, some of whom are deceased. Though Texas Photo Renovators, along with the help of Adobe and its student program, limits their services to 10 images per household, they continue to bring pure happiness to those who previously thought these treasured memories were gone forever.

“I thought I lost it all and that means the world to me,” expresses one survivor as she holds back tears.

Does anyone else have goosebumps after watching this emotional video?