These crayon hearts are so cute and easy to make

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Looking for a simple, cheap Valentine’s craft you and your kids can do together? Try out these melted crayon and wax paper heart suncatchers.

There are various twists you can take on this classic art project, but the basic premise includes using a pencil sharpener or grater to peel/grate crayons of various shades into small bits. Then, after laying down a heat-resistant covering on your work surface, you just heat an iron on low to medium (no steam) and get down to the business of melting down your colors.

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Put a sheet of wax paper on top of your heat-resistant surface and sprinkle your crayon shavings on it, then cover that with another sheet of wax paper. You can also just use one sheet of wax paper, sprinkle crayon on half of it and fold the other half on top like a sandwich.

Put another sheet of newspaper on top of the wax and crayon layers and iron the layers until the crayons melt into a delightful mix of colors. A hair dryer set to hot also works and you won’t need a top layer of newspaper to protect your iron from melting crayon wax.

Let your wax and crayon masterpieces dry before cutting them into heart shapes for Valentine’s Day. It’s fun to see how the colors swirl and mingle together.

The Artful Parent and Martha Stewart suggest stringing the hearts together for beautiful suncatcher window decorations. Or you can frame those crayon masterpieces with painted popsicle sticks or construction paper shapes.

Melted crayon paper shapes can be a year-round craft idea too. For example, Fireflies and Mudpies traced leaves onto the wax paper for a fun fall theme. Crayola has a fun idea for a raindrop suncatcher mobile. Lots of possibilities.

There’s an added bonus to the project: You can use up all those broken and chewed crayon bits you have lying around.

How cute!

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