These new frozen sparkling wine pops come in 3 delicious flavors


Hands down my favorite part of being an adult is wine. Sure, I miss guiltless ice cream and pizza binges, and not having to pay bills. But heading to wine tastings with friends? Well, that cancels all out all of the other stuff.

But sometimes, I want more than just your standard glass of wine. Throwing fruit into the glass is one way to jazz it up, but a new product called SH!VR may just be my new favorite thing to ever exist.

SH!VR is America’s first frozen sparkling wine pop in a squeeze tube. The boozy frozen pops are made with a blend of sparkling wine, natural fruit flavors and purees. They’re free of gluten, dairy, fat and artificial colors. At 4.7% alcohol by volume, the pops seem perfect for cooling down while lounging outdoors by the pool or campfire.



The pops are available for purchase online in three flavors — rosé, lemon and mimosa — and cost $42 for a six-pack. And while they’re currently only available online, they may be in stores eventually, so keep an eye out. Three other flavors — cherry, bellini and sour apple — will be available at a later date.

According to a press release, the idea for the pops came to co-founder Kim Bradshaw on a summer day in 2017, when she ended up in her kitchen with a blender, sparkling wine, various fruits and a borrowed ice cream machine. The result? The genius sparkling wine pops!


If wine isn’t your thing, but boozy popsicles definitely are, you can find vodka popsicles at Costco or make your own pops with your favorite alcohol at home, just as easily as Bradshaw did. Take a look at these recipes to see what’s possible for those moments when you need a serious treat.

Will you be ordering some SH!VR pops for your next summer get-together?

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