These Pinatas Are Filled With Mini Booze Bottles


Who remembers excitedly showing up to a birthday party as a little kid only to get more excited by the fact that a piñata was ready and waiting to be cracked open? Well, now we have NIPYATA!, a creative company that is making our wildest party dreams come true now that we’re adults.

According to their website, a “nipyata” is a “piñata filled with nips, candy chasers and NIPYATA! Fortunes. Typically strung up at parties and beaten with a stick by adults until it breaks and things fall out and everyone goes wild. In other words: The World’s Greatest Drinking Game.”

Below is a fun NIPYATA! shaped like a vodka bottle, filled with mini vodkas — how cute! This was posted to the official @nipyata Instagram account.

If you’re not sure what a nip is, it’s a mini 50ml bottle of liquor. Just like the types you see on airplanes, for example.

So instead of your normal piñata filled with candy and little toys for kids, the NIPYATA! is filled with dangerously shootable bottles of your favorite liquor, like Bacardi and Captain Morgan. You’ll also get fortunes, which are customized messages attached to each bottle, as well as candy chasers. I honestly can’t think of a more fun way to get a party started, can you?

The NIPYATA! is almost too bright and colorful of a masterpiece to destroy! This is one of the standard NIPYATA! offerings.

Each NIPYATA! is designed to withstand adult-strength swings (perfect for getting your adult-sized stress out) and can hold up to eight pounds of mini plastic bottles of liquor. Definitely enough to get you and your guests feeling good!

While standard NIPYATAS! come with a set mix of spirits and candy ranging in price from around $89-$189 (and up), you can also choose to customize yours. Pick a shape, decide how many nips to add and note which spirits you want.

Looks like fun, right? We love that this NIPYATA!, used at a Boston event, comes in the shape of a swan. It definitely looks too pretty to ruin … although the treats hidden inside may be worth it.

“The standard products you see on our website come with our wicked awesome party mix of spirits and are designed for the fastest checkout and delivery process,”
the company says in its FAQ. “They are more affordable than our custom NIPYATA! If you’re in a rush and don’t need to customize, order from this Collection of Wicked Awesome Products. If you’re looking to create something magnificent, majestic and truly personalized (and have some time before your event) we highly suggest the Custom NIPYATA!.”

Here’s one of the standard products, and it comes in different numbers so you can celebrate milestone birthdays:



You can get one shaped like a crisp $100 dollar bill, or even try this one on for size:


Yes, that’s right, this is a ! It’s currently on sale for $104.99.

Add a hand-written note and customize some fortunes — each costs extra, of course. You can also choose candies that include typical favorites like Starburst and Swedish Fish.

Also good to know? The fact that NIPYATAS! can be reopened and filled with whatever little surprises you want to add.

Here are some of the mini booze bottles you may be able to choose from, per the @nipyata Instagram:

Just remember that it you live in a state that doesn’t allow shipping of alcohol, you won’t be able to utilize NIPYATA!’s services. Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Utah are among the nine states that the company cannot ship to.

Is this something you’d want to try at your next party? If so, we’ll be right over with a giant bat and a blender, for mixing some cool cocktails with your YIPNATA! bounty.

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