These twin brothers just welcomed babies into the world on the same day

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Justin and Joshua Thorington of Traverse City, Michigan, are twin brothers who have always shared a special bond. Their wives happened to be pregnant at the same time, but had different due dates. Joshua’s wife, Denise, was due the end of March, but Justin’s wife, Alex, wasn’t due until April 6.

Denise wound up going into labor and giving birth on March 27, and little did they know — but Justin and Alex had to come to the hospital on that same day. And just hours later, Justin and his wife welcomed their baby, too!

Joshua and Denise welcomed a baby boy, Jack Andrew, and Justin and Alex had a baby girl, Lucy Elise.

Apparently, the couples had joked about this happening throughout the pregnancies. And honestly, they’re not that surprised that it actually happened.

“We kind of joked about it the whole pregnancy, ‘Like, oh, it could happen on the same day! What if it happened?’” Joshua told People. “We’ve always been pretty in sync, so to me, it wasn’t surprising. I think our friends aren’t even surprised that it happened.”

Turns out that their children were born in the same hospital as their dads. The Munson Medical Center posted about the births on Facebook, writing:

“Munson Medical Center Physical Therapist, Joshua Thorington, and his twin brother, Justin, became fathers on the very same day! The twins and their wives, welcomed baby Jack and baby Lucy into the world on Tuesday. Incidentally, both dads were born here, too.”

The coincidences just keep piling up!

Now, the twin brothers and new dads are just hoping that their children will be as close as they were growing up.

“We definitely want [our kids] to go to school together and just be together a lot and be really close,” Joshua told People. “That’s what our hopes are.”

As crazy as it may be for twin brothers to have babies on the same day, this isn’t the first time twins have welcomed little ones just hours apart from each other.

For example, identical twins Rachael McGeoch and Rebecca Pistone gave birth to a baby boy and a baby girl, respectively, just 20 hours apart from each other.

And fraternal twin sisters Danielle Grant and Kim Abraham both had baby boys, and only four hours apart!

Twins already share so much, but if they’re extra lucky — they may be part of a set who also gets to go through the life-changing experience of becoming parents at the very same time.

Congratulations to these siblings-turned-parents!

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