6 Things Only Ridiculously Pale People Will Understand

I’ve been extremely pale since birth, and it doesn’t matter how long I lay out in the sun. Even when I feel “tan,” other people still can’t tell I’ve gone outside.

And even for short trips outdoors, I have to lather on the sunscreen. Because I learned the hard way that the redness, itching and peeling that comes from not wearing SPF is just. not. worth. it. Nope, not one bit.

If you’re also super pale, you’ll relate to these six things. All ghostly people do. Especially this time of year because, well, summer’s not so great for us.

1. You Practically Bathe In Sunscreen

That’s right. Rub it all over.


2. You Hate The Smell Of Sunscreen But You Deal With It

Only because you have to, though.

sun 2

3. You Never Look Tan

Except for that one tanning accident, but we don’t talk about that.

sun 3

4. You Never Leave The House Without An Umbrella

Even if it’s sunny. You could always use the shade, after all.

sun 4

5. Makeup Doesn’t Exist In Your Shade

Most companies don’t make foundation that light. So, you wind up looking like a bit of a clown.

sun 5

6. You’re Better Off Indoors

Why would you go outside if you don’t have to?

sun 6

#PaleProblems, you know what I’m saying?

[h/t: Guff]