This awesome video of a couple singing Salt-N-Pepa’s ‘Push It’ in the delivery room is going viral

Jordan Juice Houston/Facebook

The hours that lead up to you finally meeting your baby can be filled with anticipation, anxiety, nerves, excitement — it’s a whirlwind of emotions. But instead of stressing about the delivery of their daughter, a couple from Texas — Jordan Houston and Jadie Phelps — decided to have some fun while they counted down the minutes leading up to their baby’s grand entrance.

They weren’t alone in the celebration, either. The delivery room was filled with family and nurses, who were all about to be a part of something special — yes, the birth of a baby, but also an a cappella version of Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It.”

Given the circumstances, this song choice seemed appropriate and, thankfully, the moment was captured on video and shared to Facebook:

The dad captioned the video, “Sing this song next time you decide to have a baby … my little girl came literally 10 [minutes] later!”

And sure enough, the couple welcomed baby Alaya at Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas, on Dec. 13, just after their impressive singing performance!

Unsurprisingly, parents and parents-to-be are loving this family’s hilarious and light-hearted approach to waiting for baby to arrive, because the video has been viewed over 10 million times.

Twitter user @RmenJam3070 wrote the one thing we’re all thinking after seeing this sweet, fun moment — “Awwwwwwww”:

And after seeing the video, Twitter user @amys_bus_ticket wrote, “I probably love this family more than I should …”:

Twitter user @Muhammad_Holly accurately described the performance as, “awesome”:

Meanwhile, Twitter user @Nickilishious went so far as to call this moment “goals” for expecting couples:

These people aren’t alone in their admiration of this very special moment. According to WFAA, the nurse and staff at the hospital loved the moment so much, they made the family perform it over and over again.

“The nurses are like you have to do that for the doctors,” the couple told WFAA. “We ended up performing it like three times.”

According to the mom, she didn’t actually have to “push” for very long, as she had a speedy delivery following her “Push It” jam session.

“She came out in two pushes, which was amazing,” she told WFAA.

Guess that’s what happens when you get a little motivation from a Salt-N-Pepa classic beforehand! Congratulations to the couple and their baby girl.

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