This maid of honor gave the most epic chicken nugget-themed wedding toast

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A maid of honor has various duties: helping the bride get dressed, keeping her calm, organizing the other bridesmaids, making a toast, providing the chicken nuggets … yep, you read that right. Just ask Jenna Spetz. She surprised the bride, her cousin Blair, with a bouquet of chicken nuggets on her big day. Move over cotton candy, there’s another bridal bouquet trend to get excited about. (If you like the smell of fried food on your wedding day, that is.) 

Spetz wasn’t just trying to go viral with her unusual gift (or provide a snack if the speeches went on for too long). Her gesture was a cheeky nod to the newlyweds’ surname: Tyson. As in Tyson Foods. The couple is no relation to the chicken brand, but it’s clear from Spetz’s Instagram post that the bride was delighted to take a bite out of her quirky bouquet. Alas, it wasn’t made from real chicken nuggets but was created by Steuber Florist in Chicago.  

And that wasn’t the extent of the nugget-themed nuptials. Spetz also got in touch with Tyson to see if they wanted to get in on the joke. They replied with a letter from CEO Noah White, offering the newlyweds a year’s worth of nuggets, plus a few pieces of marriage advice, including “Always begin and end each day with kisses and nugs” and “Never go to bed angry (unless he ate the last nugget).”

Spetz read the letter during her speech, at which point each guest was supplied with two nuggets, which they were invited to raise for a special “nugget toast.”

But that’s not all. Another bridesmaid held up a dinosaur-shaped “Fun Nugget” during the speech. Apparently, it’s the bride’s favorite snack. 

Meanwhile, who knows what else will catch on? A hot dog corsage? Mini hamburger centerpieces? It certainly gives a whole new meaning to edible flower arrangements.  

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