This DIY Pressed Flower Art Is So Easy

This is a fun summer activity!

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There is nothing more beautiful than spring blossoms, yet these vibrant and sweet blooms only last for a short time. What better way to preserve the beauty and joy of the season than by reviving the old-fashioned technique of pressing and drying flowers?

Flower drying is a classic craft that is enjoying a revival. With nothing other than your favorite wildflowers, you can make an enduring piece of art that will make your home’s walls as colorful and lively as a spring day all year long.

Crafter and graphic designer Emorie Kidder explains how to do it on her website. All you need for this project is a float frame, glue, and wax paper (and, of course, your favorite flowers, whether you pick them from Mother Nature or buy them from the florist).

The most important step is to pick the blossoms and then press them for at least two to four weeks. This gives the flowers time to dry. Use heavy books or weights to make sure that your flowers are pressed tightly and every bit of moisture is removed. You can lay wax paper, parchment paper, or newspaper between the flowers and the pages of the books to keep cleanup to a minimum.


Then it’s time to get crafty! Pick a float frame from your local craft store, and then arrange your dried flowers in the frame exactly the way you want them to appear (tweezers may come in handy so you don’t damage the delicate, paper-thin blooms). A dab or two of craft glue or hot glue will keep the flowers in place, and then you simply hang the beautiful piece of art wherever you desire! (This is also a wonderful DIY gift idea.)

On Sutton Place

You can also mix up your design by using a variety of different papers behind your dried floral arrangement. For example, the blog On Sutton Place uses printable designs like calligraphy or musical notes are base on which dried flowers are carefully placed. (Mod Podge is used as the adhesive, which you can find at your local craft store or on Amazon).

Now that spring is here, go out and pick some wildflowers and enjoy them all year long!