This dog’s nightly ritual is adorable

Minidoodle Bentley/YouTube

It can be difficult to unwind after a long, stressful day, but having a nighttime ritual in place can help signal that it’s time to relax — and boy, does this dog get it! After a busy day full of smelling all of the smells, burying bones, tail wagging and more, it’s no wonder that this good boy has a routine that helps him settle in come bedtime. It’s not easy being this adorable, after all.

Bentley the Goldendoodle’s humans filmed him coming to bed every night and made a video compilation that is too cute. The video shows how he brings a favorite toy to bed with him every single night.

Some nights, he sticks with his trusty blanket, but other nights he comes in toting a bone or a stuffed animal — even if the plush creature is too big to hold comfortably in his mouth. Without fail, though, he’s got something to snuggle up with, and you can’t blame him for wanting this level of comfort around when it’s time for him to get tucked in.

See the sweet video compilation from the Minidoodle Bentley YouTube channel:

The video is accompanied by a description. “It all started with his puppy blanket, but now Bentley goes through phases of which toy he loves the most for a week or so at a time,” it reads. “This is a nightly ritual in our house.” Aww!

If you can’t get enough of this precious pet, you can also follow along with his adventures on Instagram. One scroll through his feed at @minidoodlebentley, and it’s clear that this bedtime ritual isn’t the only routine he’s developed.

He also greets his dad when he’s home from work without fail, every single day:

Oh, and he hardly goes a day without a stylish piece of neckwear:

Bentley certainly has a style and flair that’s all his own, and that’s precisely why he’s developed such a following online. He’s got 125,000 followers on Instagram — not that he’s bragging or anything!

According to The Happy Puppy Site, however, his friendly, devoted personality isn’t out of the ordinary for this dog breed. It’s not hard to be a friend to the Goldendoodles, as they hardly meet another animal, person or dog toy they don’t like.

And one glimpse at Bentley, and you’ll want to be his friend for life!

Keep up to date with this dog’s nightly rituals and more by subscribing to his YouTube channel and following his Instagram profile. Once you do — adorableness awaits!

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