This Easy Keto Ice Cream Recipe Has Just 4 Ingredients

Keto continues to be one of the hottest food/diet trends. It seems every TV show, magazine and new cookbook has the latest, greatest recipe for people looking to eat the keto way.

What exactly is a ketogenic diet? Essentially, you eat foods that put your body into ketosis, where “the body uses fat as a primary fuel source (instead of carbohydrates).” In other words, people who eat a keto diet focus more on eating healthy fats, some protein and only a small amount of carbs.

Cutting back on the carbs, though, means eliminating sugar from your regular diet. For those who have a sweet tooth, this can be a challenge. But there is good news! There are many keto-friendly recipes for desserts, including ice cream! We’ve tracked down a few that not only look delicious but are also easy to make.

Chocolate Covered Katie posted this 4-ingredient keto ice cream recipe. In addition to being keto-compliant, this recipe is also vegan, paleo-friendly, egg free, dairy free, sugar-free, soy-free and gluten-free. Which makes it a great alternative for others following their own special food plan.

Note: if you want to make the chocolate ice cream pictured below, you’ll need to add sugar-free cocoa powder or flavoring to the mix. That brings the ingredient list up to five, which is still a short shopping list!

Chocolate Covered Katie

The Sugar-Free Mom also shared a recipe for low-carb butter pecan ice cream and it looks fabulous. There’s a non-churn option for this recipe that requires a stand mixer, but the recipe author recommends using an ice cream machine to make this creamy, dreamy dessert. This particular recipe has a few more ingredients (nine total), but they’re easy enough to find in your local supermarket. And with only five steps in the process, this ice cream is easy to whip up!

Sugar Free Mom

An ice cream treat that’s good for your diet? Yes, please!