This elaborate ‘Titanic’-themed proposal is going viral

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Fans of the 1997 blockbuster film “Titanic” consider the ill-fated relationship between Jack and Rose one of the all-time best on-screen romances. One man even went so far as to let the film inspire his surprise proposal to his girlfriend, and it turned out beautifully.

When Jeremy Brown asked the love of his life, Mori Madrid, to marry him, he had her wear a maroon gown similar to the one Kate Winslet, who plays Rose, wore in the movie. He wore a replica of Leonardo DiCaprio’s (Jack’s) tuxedo from the movie. Brown then blindfolded Madrid and brought her to the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

At the bottom of the grand staircase, an exact replica of the ship’s original staircase, Brown got down on one knee and asked Madrid to marry him while “My Heart Will Go On,” the film’s hit theme song by Celine Dion, played in the background.

Watch the whole romantic scene play out in the video below, posted to the museum’s Facebook page:

The video now has more than 1.6 million views. While she’s still wearing a blindfold, Madrid is visibly nervous as Christina Collins, the museum’s event and wedding planner, guides her. She says she has no idea what to expect. When Collins removes the blindfold and hands Madrid a note, she opens it and reads it aloud: “Meet me at the clock. Make it count,” which is a line from the movie.

After she accepts his proposal, they share a kiss as the museum’s staff cheers and claps. In addition to an engagement ring, Brown also gives his new fiance a replica of the Heart of the Ocean necklace Rose wears in the movie.

“Titanic” is one of the Houston couple’s favorite movies, so Brown knew his surprise would resonate with Madrid. He told her they were on their way to a ball, so Madrid did not know he was about to ask her to marry him.

“It was almost like being in the movie yourself,” Madrid told Fox 17 of the elaborate proposal. “It was just amazing. It just made me feel like the movie. It was so beautiful and unique, this was so above!”

Although the museum has hosted proposals before, the one Brown staged is one for the books.

“We do normal proposals, but those are just, as you tour the museum, you get to the grand staircase and as they are walking up, they propose,” Collins told Yahoo Lifestyle. “But Jeremy wanted to make it an event.”

We’d say he nailed it! Congratulations to the happy couple!

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