This Genius Water Bottle Includes Lip Balm In The Cap

You won't have to worry about losing your chapstick!

Categorizing a water bottle as a beauty product seems like a stretch. However, bkr reusable bottles have placed themselves squarely in the beauty aisle from day one. The bottles make hydrating easy and chic, so skin care products work better and skin glows from the inside out. And with the company’s latest innovation, they’re settling into the beauty cabinet for the long haul.

bkr introduced Paris Water Balm this summer. Paris Water Balm is not just any lip balm. This product has been five years in the making, and clips into the cap of your bkr bottle. That’s right. It locks in moisture and locks into your bottle. Wave farewell to frantic lip balm searches, and say hello to hydrated, healthy lips.

Take a look:

Water Everywhere

Advertised as a “spa day, green juice and security detail” for your lips, bkr’s new balm contains 16 botanical actives, or plant-based active ingredients. So while your water bottle with built-in lip balm may not literally take the place of a luxurious day at the spa, it will provide little rejuvenating moments whenever you need them, and super-soft lips.

Can’t decide? Me either.

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Research And Development

Co-founders Tal Winter and Kate Cutler conducted extensive research to pull together a product that could solve all their lip concerns. “We’ve worked tirelessly to create the beginning of a clean, edited luxury beauty line for the woman who, when asked what she wants out of life, says, ‘everything,’” Cutler shared.

It’s clearly a smart combination, but what if you’ve already found a lip balm that solves your pout woes? We suppose you could take inspiration from this new bottle and fuse your favorite lip balm into your water bottle’s cap with some super glue. It may not look quite as chic, but it could work, and for a fraction of the price.

DIY-ing aside, there are many who applaud this innovative idea. Still, there are some critics. According to reviews on, at least a couple customers were disappointed in the product. One said “It was a disaster” and “a let down.” Another said it arrived as a “melted sticky mess.”

Negative reviews notwithstanding, the balm and bottle combination is unlike else anything on the market, which naturally leads to its heftier price tag. The multitasking set runs about $70. The Paris Water Balm is $22, bkr bottles start at $38 and the Water Balm Cap is $10.

But if you ask me, hydration at hand all summer long is priceless.