This girl mastered Beyonce’s Coachella choreography

Beyoncé made history and became the first woman of color to headline at Coachella. And as you might expect from Queen Bey, her set was full of incredible moments. Aside from her out-of-this-world vocal capability, Beyoncé didn’t disappoint with her dance moves. What’s amazing is that one fan was able to teach herself some of the choreography from the Coachella performance. She posted a video to Twitter as proof of her accomplishment, and we’re here to tell you — this was no small feat.

The side-by-side video perfectly demonstrates just how synced up Brianna Bundick-Kelly, a.k.a Twitter user Briyonce, is with Beyoncé. Don’t believe this could be possible? Well, you’ll just have to see for yourself:

Impressive — to say the least.

“If you thought I was about to sit here, learn choreo & dance like I’m one of Beyoncé’s backup dancer… YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT,” the caption reads. Because really — do we have anything better to do than try to emulate Bey? Absolutely not!

The video has garnered over two million views on Twitter, and admirers of this girl’s dance moves can’t help but point out her skills. Some, like Twitter user @battletested5, believe she deserves a spot in the singer’s performance line-up:

Others, like Twitter user @TheDreamingFish, can’t help but watch this over and over again:

And many agree — this girl deserves a standing ovation:

What started out as a hobby is soaring Bundick-Kelly to internet fame. She told Insider about how she first began replicating dance routines:

“I got involved with replicating dances out of boredom,” she told Insider. “I was literally sitting at home re-watching Beyoncé concerts and was like ‘Man I wanna do that… Wait I can do that… I’m going to do that!!’ and the rest is history.”

What’s even more impressive is that it only took her 40 minutes to learn the moves. Then, of course, she spent some time practicing before posting this piece of internet gold online.

All we can say is bravo, Briyonce, bravo! Oh, and you can keep the dance videos coming, by the way.