This deliciously gooey Butterfinger cake will delight kids and adults

Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger — cake! That’s right. There’s a new way to enjoy Butterfingers, and it involves putting everything you adore about the classic candy bar into an ooey, gooey cake.

At Princess Pinky Girl, author and cook Jenn uses just five ingredients to turn a simple candy bar into a truly decadent and memorable dessert. Yellow cake mix, whipped cream and crushed Butterfingers come together to make a cake that elevates this chocolate bar into a party-perfect treat. Find the full recipe here.

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At Very Best Baking, a similar recipe is used. However, they opt to use a chocolate cake mix rather than a yellow cake mix.

Or how about marble cake? The Country Cook chooses this option and also advises poking holes in the cake so that the caramel mixture can really seep into the cake. She also gives the oh-so-delicious idea of drizzling the finished cake with chocolate sauce when you’re ready to serve.

Put your own unique spin on this dessert by using Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups. Then, instead of using caramel sundae topping, you can use a peanut butter sundae topping. (Or try a delicious combo of both!) Try this option from Reese’s.

You can use store-bought whipped cream to top your cake, but it’s super-easy to make your own at home. All you need is heavy whipping cream and sugar (powdered sugar works best, especially if you’re a beginner cook, as it’s less grainy and easier to whip). Not only is homemade whipped cream so much more delicious than the store-bought kind, but you can also cater it to your own tastes, such as by adding vanilla or cocoa.

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For a Butterfinger cake, a salted caramel whipped cream topping would be simply divine. Find the full recipe here on They Call Me Saucy. Try not to lick the bowl!

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