This heroic firefighter ran into a burning building to save 2 dogs

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It is every pet-owner’s worst nightmare: Your beloved dogs are trapped in your burning home — and you are standing outside, helpless to save them.

Such was the horrifying case for homeowners in San Diego, California, when they safely escaped their home — which was almost completely engulfed in flames and smoke — but their two precious dogs were stuck inside.

That’s when a brave firefighter from the San Diego Fire Department rushed into the house and grabbed the dogs before they suffered the unthinkable. Scooping up the frightened dogs in his arms, the firefighter carried the pups to safety.


You can watch the heartwarming video on FOX 5 San Diego’s Facebook page (FOX 5 cameras are the ones that caught this heroic act on film).

Both dogs are reported to be in good health and not suffering from ill effects due to the fire and smoke, but the incident serves as a good reminder not only of how noble our firefighters are, but also that we should have best practices in place for protecting our pets during a fire.

Here are tips every pet-owner should know when it comes to ensuring their animals’ safety in the event of a fire:

1. Have A Small Backpack/Carrier On Hand For Your Pets

If you live in a home with more than one story or if you live in an apartment, keep a small backpack or carrier on hand so you can swiftly put your pets in them and evacuate in the event of a fire. This way, you will be able to safely carry them while you are navigating a ladder or climbing out a fire escape. Of course, this won’t work for large breeds, but if you have a small pup or kitties, this is an excellent way to safely evacuate them from the home.

2. Put Leashes, Collars And Carrying Cases Near Fire Exit Doors

Do you know which exits you would use in your home if there was a fire? If not, take a moment to identify those exits, and then put helpful items like leashes, collars or carrying cases beside those doors. You might also consider keeping treats or your cat’s snuggly nearby — whatever items can help coax your pet into their leash or carrying case quickly and with little fuss. Remember: You need to be able to get out the door as fast as possible.

3. Alert Your Firefighters That You Have Pets Inside

If a fire occurs when you are not home (or worse — if you’re injured and unable to speak), you need to make firefighters aware that you have pets inside that need to be rescued. You can make this easy by using fire rescue stickers, such as these from Amazon. Place them on the windows in the front, sides and back of your home — especially in the area of your home where your pets spend the most time. For less than $7, you can make sure that firefighters will be quickly informed about your beloved pets and that they will be able to take action to keep them safe.


4. Talk To Your Family

Who will be in charge of carrying the pets to safety in the event of a fire? Where will you meet up outside the home after evacuating? Make sure you cover these important questions with your family before you ever have to face such a dangerous and scary situation.

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