This inflatable snowmobile sled seats two for winter fun

Retro Snowmobile Snow Sled

Snow season is here, and you’ve probably packed up all those unicorn, ice cream cone, and flamingo-themed pool floats from summer. But before you lament the loss of those quirky summer accessories, we’ve got some good news. What if there’s a winter equivalent of your favorite pool float that’s meant for sliding on snow?

Funboy has an entire winter collection of inflatable sleds perfect for your snowy adventures. You can get everything from sleds to sleighs to shotskis! Even if you prefer beaches to snow, there’s no denying that these inflatables promise to make winter’s snowiest days tons of fun.

The retro-inspired Funboy collection is available now, with prices ranging starting at just $39. Curious what your new favorite sledding inflatable could be? Let’s look at some of our favorites from the collection:

Inflatable Snowmobile

Barbie™ The Movie x FUNBOY Snowmobile Sled and FUNBOY Snowmobile Sled

$79 at Funboy $89 at Amazon

Funboy’s inflatable snowmobile sled pays homage to classic snowmobiles from the 1970’s retro ski era. Made with ultra-thick material and a reinforced rubber base with directional grooves so you stay straight when going down hills, it can hold up to 250 pounds which means you could make this baby a two-seater. If you want your own sled, though, there’s also a two-pack of inflatable sleds that costs $149.

Alpine Winter Sleigh

Alpine Winter Snow Sleigh Sled

$63 (was $79) at Funboy $71 (was $80) at Amazon

This inflatable winter sleigh also holds two riders and up to 250 pounds, but the design is for those looking for a more classic snow day feel. The inflatable features an adorable mountain scene with ski lifts floating along the sides, and there’s even a rope in the front for holding tight. It’s appropriate for ages 14 and older and comes in two other fun designs.

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Oversized Snow Tubes

Funboy Retro Plaid Snow Tube

$49 at Funboy

If you prefer a good old-fashioned inner tube for your sledding, Funboy has them! This is arguably the most classic option for your snow day adventures, and there’s something nostalgic and comforting about that. This tube features a reinforced dual layer bottom for extra stability. Plus, there’s an air hole between the two layers that allows for some cushion and that creates a flat base.

Inflatable Shotski

Funboy Inflatable Shotski

$27 (was $39) at Funboy $24 at Amazon

While this inflatable shotski isn’t something you ride on, it might be something you need after a fun day in the snow. The 6-feet long inflatable lets you put your favorite shots — like these cranberry jell-o shots — inside so you and three friends can all take the shot at once. It comes with four shot glasses and fits right in your pocket when deflated.

If you plan to spend time in the snow this winter, these fun sledding inflatables (and shotski, of course) can bring nostalgia and style to the occasion.

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