This Makeup Artist Creates The Craziest Illusions You’ve Ever Seen

Makeup doesn’t have to be just for enhancing your appearance. Some makeup artists take the form to another level — like Dain Yoon, a 25-year-old South Korean artist who uses makeup to create mind-blowing illusions.

Yoon graduated from Korea National University of Arts in February 2017, and it was then that she knew she wanted to be an artist full-time. Her own face and body often serve as her canvas, and the results are mesmerizing. You can see her work on Instagram, where she has more than 400,000 followers. Check out her incredible painting-within-a-face look:

“Somewhat out of necessity, I decided to start drawing on my own face because the actors didn’t really have the patience to sit still for three to 12 hours as well as the belief that the face is the most powerful and sensitive part of the body where I can deliver the most delicate emotions,” she told Metro UK.

Here, she used makeup to make her own face blend seamlessly into the background of a shelf of records:

Yoon has been perfecting her beauty skills since the age of 9, and she says that everything she sees in her day-to-day life can serve as inspiration for her creations.

In 2017, she appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where she amazed the host by creating extra lips and eyes on her own face. Check it out in the clip below:

When DeGeneres inquired as to people’s reactions when Yoon sports her looks in public, the artist admitted that the extra eyes and lips she wore on the show caused a baby to cry. Although tears aren’t necessarily what she’s after, Yoon does hope to elicit some type of strong response to her work.

“Everyone is free to feel what they want to feel from my work,” she told Metro. “I don’t try to squeeze out a specific emotion, but I want my work to be a stimulating experience.”

Mission accomplished!