This makeup artist shows striking before-and-after pictures of brides on their wedding day

Instagram | Arber Bytyqi

We’re all used to seeing photographs of brides on their wedding day with their makeup and hair done — but what about the “before” pics? Those are not as frequently shared on Instagram. However, one makeup artist posts side-by-side before-and-after shots of his brides, and the differences are pretty incredible.

It goes without saying that all brides are stunning even before they have their makeup done, of course. And most of them have specific requests when it comes to their overall looks for saying, “I do,” but we’d be remiss not to credit Arber Bytyqi’s flawless, powerful style.

Just look at this Instagram image from Bytyqi’s account of a gorgeous bride wearing her bejeweled headpiece in both the before and after photos:

Bytyqi, a professional makeup artist and beauty influencer from Kosovo, shares his work on Facebook and Instagram, where he’s amassed more than 320,000 followers.

His passion for beauty and style started at a young age. “From my early ages of childhood, the first drawing I did was an eye, a girl and a dress,” he told Business Insider.

This bride looks almost like a doll in her “after” photo:

For Bytyqi, the best part of being a makeup artist (he also works in fashion and editorial) is seeing his clients’ reactions when he reveals the finished look. “My favorite part about doing makeup is the ability to transform people and how it makes my clients feel at the end,” he said.

“You create a connection with the client on a deeper level and you help them find the true meaning of ‘beauty.'”

And Bytyqi’s top tip for perfect bridal makeup? Show photos of makeup looks you like to your makeup artist. He also recommends having a makeup trial before the wedding, with your hair styled and your bridal jewelry on so you can see how the whole look will come together.

In this “after” photo, the bride looks fresh and vibrant on her way to saying her vows:

If you’re a bride-to-be planning your big day in 2020, it looks like the hottest bridal makeup trends for next year include glowing skin and shimmery color.

But what we really want are more before and after pics. Bring on the transformations!

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