This new low-calorie ice cream claims to help you sleep better


Who doesn’t love ending a night with a scoop or two of their favorite ice cream? I sure do. Now, what if that ice cream was also considered to be good for you and, even better, backed by leading sleep experts who claim that the ice cream would help you get a better night’s rest?

These are the claims those behind Nightfood ice cream are making. They say the frozen treat is intended to help you snooze, while also being lower in calories, higher in protein and packed with minerals and amino acids that are known to aid sleep. Sounds too good to be true, right?


Unlike many sleep aids, this ice cream doesn’t contain things like added melatonin or sleep-inducing drugs or substances. Instead, according to their website, Nightfood is made sleep-friendly through the optimization of the “macro-nutrient and ingredient profiles of our products for nighttime.” Say what?

What the above means is that while minimizing the things that cause you to lay awake in bed at night — such as caffeine, sugar, loaded fat and calories — they’ve also tailored their recipes to cause fewer sleep issues caused by things like lactose digestion issues, acid reflux and blood sugar spikes. Even more surprising? Nightfood doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners and it’s also Kosher.

Currently, the ice cream comes in eight flavors each meant to promote better rest: vanilla, chocolate, mint chip, cold brew, cookies n’ dreams, milk and cookie dough, cherry and bed and breakfast. For example, the cherry eclipse flavor uses a specific type of melatonin-rich cherries, while the midnight chocolate flavor is made with two types of cocoa, which are lower in caffeine.


Each pint ranges from 280–400 calories, with an average serving size of 70–100 calories. While this isn’t a nighttime-only treat, it wouldn’t be the worst thing if this did indeed become a staple in your post-dinner dessert routine.

The newly launched brand’s ice cream can be purchased online and will soon be on national retailers’ shelves in the coming month.


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