This Non-Alcoholic Beer Was Made For Your Dog To Drink

Ever wish you could crack open a nice cold brew with your best furry friend? Since, let’s be honest, chances are they’re just as in need of a refreshing beverage as we are! Well, now you can with Good Boy Dog Beer, an all-natural, non-alcoholic beer for dogs. Created by Megan and Steve Long, the idea for dog beer came when their 9-year-old dog, Rocky began to have digestive issues.

“We needed to give him the vitamins and proteins that he still needed in a liquid form,” Megan Long explains in the below video taken from their website. Rocky was sensitive to foods and had allergies, so to counter his ailments they began creating his own custom-made treats. And from there the beer idea sprang to life.

The brew comes in four different flavors: pork, chicken, veggie and peanut. And just read how cute and funny the names are: IPA Lot In The Yard, Mailman Malt Licker, Session Squirrel and Crotch Sniffin’ Ale. While many of you argue it’s not really beer at all, on the contrary, Good Boy Dog Beer is crafted with the same equipment as a brewery, minus the fermentation part. In other words, no alcohol.

Good Boy Dog Beer

The beverages are made with proteins and vitamins, with every ingredient meant to help your dog’s digestion. For example, in the IPA Lot In The Yard, there are only eight ingredients: bone-in pork butt, turmeric, basil, mint, fennel, ginger, celery and filtered water.

It really is the perfect way to enjoy a nice break with your pup. Just look how ready to drink Little Miss Dixie is!

These dog beers can be found at local shops in the Houston, area, including FrontporchHenderson Heights Pub, and Specs Wine, Spirits & Finer Foods. If you’re not a Texan, they can be purchased online through Good Boy’s website.

Which one of these dog beers would your faithful friend enjoy most?