This pizza box was designed for eating in bed—and all of our dreams have come true


Getting pizza delivered is already preferable to actually going to a restaurant or cooking a meal for yourself, but it just got even more convenient. There’s now a pizza box that was designed specifically for eating in bed — so your favorite hobby will now be even easier to enjoy.

Canadian Pizza Company Boston Pizza is responsible for making all of your pizza-eating dreams come true. The pizza box may look like your average take-out pizza box, but it unfolds to form a tray that’s perfect for propping up right over your lap. So watching TV while eating pizza in bed will be a whole lot more civilized from now on.

They’re launching this pizza box just in time for Father’s Day, offering the opportunity for one lucky person to win the box for their dad. The contest entry period concluded on June 11, but it was only open to Canadians, anyway. Here’s to hoping this box is available in the U.S. very soon.

Because seriously, we all need this in our lives. And when you see this epic video about what this box can do — you’ll understand why:

It’s the product you never knew you needed — right?

The pizza industry is actually working to advance in quite a few ways, ways you never thought possible, in fact. In addition to this revolutionary pizza box, Zume Pizza has created a way to cook your pizza while it’s on the way to your house, thanks to its very special delivery trucks. This brings a whole new definition to “hot and ready.”

Not only does this preparation method ensure you get the freshest pizza possible, but it’s also better from a health perspective, too.

According to, illness-causing bacteria can begin to grow on perishable foods within two hours unless refrigerated, meaning the longer your food is in transit and unrefrigerated, the greater the chance for bacteria to grow.

These pizza advancements are exciting and will make the pizza experience even better — which we didn’t think was possible!


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