This unicorn humidifier will make bedtime magical

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The unicorn trend isn’t going away anytime soon, which means there’s plenty of time to stock up on adorable unicorn-themed gifts for your kids (and for yourself, too!). Did you buy your giant unicorn sprinkler yet? Your giant unicorn pool float? Your heated or light-up slippers? Still hungry for even more unicorn magic?

Well, Elodie the Unicorn Diffuser is now available for purchase, and these humidifiers will make naptime and bedtime all the better for your kids and their stuffed-up sinuses.

The way this adorable little machine works is simple. It puffs out water through its horn, of course, and keeps whatever room it’s in humidified for up to eight hours. So it can be left on all night to help your child sleep through that sniffly nose during cold and flu season. And if parents want to try it out, too — we’re certainly not judging you. This little creature is too cute!


On top of its moisture-adding magic, Elodie the Unicorn can also change colors and therefore act as a night light in your kids’ room:


This particular version is available on Firebox for $50.89, but as far as cute humidifiers go, it’s not the only option out there.

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There’s this tiny little turtle available for only $11.99, for example:


This next one looks like a fish tank, which will prove to be pretty cool for your kids. It’s available on Amazon for $29.94:


Oh, and there are these cute little ladybugs! They retail for $13.99 each:


When it comes to finding darling humidifiers for your kiddos, the possibilities are practically endless!

Not only are these options totally adorable, but there are also some major benefits of sleeping with one of these nearby. According to Allergy & Air, adding humidity to the air when you sleep can help prevent the spread of airborne viruses, relieve allergy symptoms, reduce snoring and more.

Of course, there are also ways to increase the humidity in your home that don’t involve one of these gadgets, such as leaving bowls of water on top of your air registers. But these methods aren’t nearly as cute as putting Elodie the Unicorn on a nightstand.

Will you pick one up for your kid? Or is this little guy gonna end up in your bedroom?