Tiffany & Co. is selling sterling silver Legos that cost $1,650 for 10 bricks

Life imitates art, or so the saying goes. It’s a sentiment that Tiffany & Co. definitely took to heart when creating its Everyday Objects Collection. The collection features commonplace items such as balls of yarn, tin cans and more — all made from sterling silver.

A recent addition to the collection are Sterling Silver Building Blocks, which are essentially the fanciest Lego bricks you’ve ever seen. These blocks are made from silver and American walnut, meaning they come with a hefty price tag of $1,650. In case this is something you need to see to believe, well, here’s a look at the blocks, which are sold as a set of 10, from the Tiffany & Co. website:

Tiffany & Co.

According to the website, the point of the collection is to “[elevate] everyday home and garden accessories with a wit that transforms the ordinary into works of art.” Especially considering “beautiful things shouldn’t just live in a drawer.”

It’s a nice sentiment, but perhaps more than slightly unpractical in application.

This collection reportedly launched a year ago, but recently people have taken notice and begun to voice rather strong opinions about the silver-encrusted “everyday objects” online.

Twitter user @RhizAboveIt called this collection “a joke”:

Meanwhile, just thinking about this collection makes Twitter user @laneboywrx “genuinely angry”:

And Twitter user @julesskedaddler admitted not knowing whether to “laugh or cry” upon learning these items exist:

Although, Twitter user @bettsfic “loves” the collection for its “commentary on consumerism”:

However, it’s not totally clear if a commentary on consumerism was what Tiffany & Co. was going for with the collection.

This certainly isn’t the first time that a product line has caused an overwhelming sense of general confusion to customers. Anthropologie recently carried a bundle of 20 sticks and sold it for $42 — and people seemed to think that was pretty ridiculous, too.

Twitter user @missoularedhead wrote to the retailer online asking, “seriously?”:

And Twitter user @KristinaM1111 sarcastically joked, “I’ll be sure to get mine next year” once the product sold out online:

Considering the items at Tiffany & Co. are selling for thousands of dollars — even the tin can is $1,000 — we have a feeling these won’t be selling out anytime soon. So, if you were hoping to purchase the building blocks or something else in this line as a keepsake — you’ll likely have plenty of time to make a decision before the product is unavailable online. Spending that kind of money on a piece of kitsch is a big commitment, after all!

And since you could get a piece of jewelry — which the company is known for anyways — in the same ballpark price, most might choose to purchase that instead. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a sterling silver ring over a sterling silver tin can any day! Who’s with me?