Tim Tebow joins Chip and Joanna Gaines For a Touching Episode of ‘Fixer Upper’

This episode featured Melissa and Jody Copp, the proud parents of two sons, Calan, 9, and Lawson, 5, who both have a genetic condition that forces them to remain in wheelchairs. The goal? To replace their small Waco apartment with a welcoming home that could also meet their children’s needs. Inspired by the mission behind this episode, sports icon Tim Tebow reached out to Chip and Joanna to help make this dream a reality:


This family’s local community, major organizations like the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Tebow’s Tim Tebow Foundation—which was created with the mission, “to bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need”—all teamed up to fill this “Fixer Upper” episode with extra surprises and touching moments long before the final reveal.

But beyond all of the warm fuzzies, the HGTV hosts themselves transformed the Copps’ former abode into the immaculately designed home of their dreams. This new home came complete with a wheelchair-friendly backyard and driveway, matching children’s rooms that mirrored each other in design, side-by-side desk spaces for the boys, a spacious kitchen containing room for the whole family to sit and relax during mealtime and countless other iconic Joanna design touches.

Our hosts are smiling the smiles of those who know they’ve done their job well:


And as for the lucky family, these boys look rarin’ to get in there and make that home their own:


“To see my boys, with all the hardships that they’ve gone through, and to know that Tim and Chip and Joanna—and everyone at Make-A-Wish—came together to let my boys just be boys…I’m so happy,” gushed Jody Copp during the last moments of the episode.

Now, tell the truth. Who cried during this episode? I can safely say I did. And for all of you who may be sad that this is the last season, don’t worry. There’s a spin-off in the works!

Check here for additional air times of this “Fixer Upper” episode titled “Touchdown for a Family in Need.”