Toasted marshmallow whipped cream is here to make summer even sweeter

The flavor of a s’more roasted perfectly over the open flames of a campfire now comes in a can.

Gay Lea Foods has made Toasted Marshmallow Whipped Cream and it’s a perfect topping for hot and iced drinks, but also for our favorite thing: dessert. It’s only available for the Summer of 2019, so now’s the time to splurge and treat yourself to this delectable topping.

The Toasted Marshmallow Whipped Cream is nut-free, Gay Lea Foods says. It has no artificial colors or flavors, either.

The awesome whipped cream flavors from Gay Lea don’t stop with toasted marshmallow. The company sells a Real Coconut Whipped Cream that’s probably pretty perfect on top of a key lime pie or a yummy summer margarita.

The coconut version has won awards for having clean ingredients and for being gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free and dairy-free.

Gay Lea also sells a Dark Chocolate Caramel Whipped Cream that’s definitely a tasty dessert and coffee topper.

That’s right. We’ll take it straight from the can — no dessert or beverage needed!

If it’s the festivities of summertime you crave, Gay Lea isn’t the only player on the block. Campfire Marshmallows, for one, has a couple of summertime-specific products, including a bag of marshmallows with cherry, vanilla and blueberry flavors to honor the red, white and blue colors of Independence Day. It also sells a maple-flavored marshmallow bag.

And check out S’mores Oreos. The outside layer is made of graham cracker.

Cracker Jack is helping celebrate America’s birthday this summer with these bags of Birthday Cake Popcorn. The packaging is red, white and blue and, in real Cracker Jack style, there’s a prize inside.

In keeping with the summer theme, Graeter’s special seasonal flavors. For June, there’s Peach Ice Cream. For July, they’re offering Watermelon Sorbet. And in August, the company debuts Banana Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

There are plenty of summertime snacks and treats to help us celebrate the summer season and keep the campfires flaming!